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Listen for a living: Live, Love, and Learn

Cheryl Fidelman

CHOICE for Freedom and Impact

The Emotional Mastery Foundation for your Life's Journey

Andrea Isaacs

From Conflict to Connection

Linda and Charlie Bloom

HeartWise: Honoring Me, You and Us

Ruth Sharon

Couples Spiritual Development

Jim Sharon

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Graceful Confrontation - Yes, it's possible 

How often, after the storm has passed, do you wish you would have handled a disagreement better? In this micro-course, Paula shares three keys to not only walking away with a clean conscience, but how to maintain grace in the heart of a confrontational discussion.

Paula Robbins

Tantric Intimacy Exploration for Couples

If you desire a greater level of intimacy, tantra is for you. In this workshop you will learn how to connect deeply and how to play in new and fun ways with your partner through breathwork and energy. 

Erin Berry Bliss

Dating Yourself

How singles can learn to enjoy connecting with the one person who is guaranteed to always be there.

Michael Lazear

Energy Tools for Loving Relationships

In this course you will learn how to become more attuned to how we can consciously influence one another positively.

Lynne Brisdon

Couples Meditation Practices

In this course, I'll be discussing eight key benefits of meditation, four types of meditation practices, and ways couples can connect more deeply through their shared practices and discussion.

Jim Sharon

Reimagining Your Relationships: Living, Loving, and Leading with Heart

In this course learn that instead of retriggering trauma reactivity in our intimate relations, you can  recognize our resilience, cultivate compassion, and serve others from a place of being joyful, resourced, and connected.

Amy Elizabeth Gordon

The 3 Tenets of Conscious Codependence™

Conscious Codependence is a methodology developed by Cheryl that heals trauma from the nervous system such that her clients can be who they were innately born to be - NOT who they were traumatized into being.

Cheryl Fidelman

Finding Center in the Chaos

Learning to stay centered, grounded, and clear within yourself amidst chaos is a fine art. We explore our balance point (Home) during stress  (being AWAY from Home) and ways to re-center (bridges back Home). This course offers practical tools to make life easier!

Ruth Sharon

A message from Ruth & Jim

We’ve devoted our entire careers as change agents and influencers to promote attitudes and skills for self-care, healthy lifestyles and fulfilling love relationships (couple-care). Married since 1970, we have professionally counseled, coached, and offered seminars and retreats to thousands of couples.

HeartWise, as our sixth published book, responds to your desires to move from pain to satisfaction. Learning and growing as a couple is a true blessing.

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