LISTEN for a living: Live, Love & Learn with Your LISTENing

with Cheryl Fidelman The Conscious Codependence Coach


Welcome to the Conscious Codependence LISTEN for a Living Course:

7 Ways to Live, Love and Learn With Your LISTENing.

This course is based on my theory that perhaps ALL of our trauma can be found in the filters through which we LISTEN. And that perhaps ALL of our relationships are created in the filters through which we LISTEN to them. 

  • This course is for those who simply want to be better LISTENers and better communicators. 
  • It's also for those who want to take a deeper look into their own codependent and early childhood trauma patterns that may be arising in their relationships. 
  • You will discover what the LISTENing was like in your childhood home and how you may be recreating that same LISTENing as an adult. 
  • You will learn how to LISTEN to the totality of what someone is saying, rather than pieces or sections or interpretations of what they're saying. 
  • You will learn how to witness yourself while witnessing another. 
  • You will identify the filters through which you are LISTENing and learn to LISTEN without them.
  • And most importantly, you will learn how to LISTEN to your own mind and body while someone else is speaking. 

When you LISTEN to your own body and intuition without filters, you get to be intimately related with yourself. When you LISTEN to another person without filters, you get to be intimately related with that person.


Cheryl Fidelman is known as The Conscious Codependence Coach. Cheryl's mission is to eradicate trauma from the human condition, one nervous system at a time. She is a leader and thought provoker in the Human Potential Movement and believes that codependence is the most obvious way that we demonstrate our unhealed trauma in relationship with others. Conscious Codependence (aka Feeling Without Thinking) is a methodology that she has developed that heals trauma from the nervous system such that her clients can be who they were innately born to be – NOT who they were traumatized into being. "Trauma steals our potential. In my work, we steal it back." To be up to date on Cheryl's work and offerings and to get her free online Codependent Listening series, go to: