HeartWise: Honoring Me, You and Us

with Ruth Sharon


We can get so busy in our daily lives that we forget to connect with ourselves and each other. Stress then builds. We get into some uncomfortable patterns and may behave in ways we are not proud of. As demands pile up, we may get our buttons pushed, and we find ourselves fighting or avoiding our beloved partner. This is hard and often painful. 

What if you can learn tools to move from being entangled (co-dependent) to being autonomous (true to yourself) and being fully present with your beloved? This is what we affectionately call being heartwise. We can support each other in healing, growing, evolving.

Time for “cleanup on aisle 9!”

Using time-tested tools and perspectives that I have developed and refined through my work with thousands of couples and in my own 50+ year marriage, I have compiled a course for you to return Home to yourself and to your partner. As you build these skills, you will learn to tap into your own innate wisdom and inner guidance.

Make a date with your partner! Watch together the brief segments within the four modules and participate in the exercises in your free workbook. This is a treasure trove of proven approaches that can work for you and your relationship.

You will learn ways to:

  • Clear up past patterns
  • Set the course for new habits
  • Practice simple, yet profound techniques using six elements of being heartwise
  • Create more safety, trust, and understanding
  • Enhance your communication and conflict skills
  • Develop habits for self-care and couple-care
  • Explore your own Mansion of Love!

Taking small steps in the direction you desire is powerful! 

Give yourself the gift of this educational and inspirational journey into being more heartwise. If just one of you wants to take the course, that is fine. One person has the ability to change the course of your love relationship. Either or both of you can apply the skills being offered. Once you begin to do this work, you may be amazed at what starts to transform in you, in your partner, and in your relationship. Cultivate the us space with care, clarity, tenderness, playfulness, passion, and emotional intelligence.

Please ask for support in making these changes – from me, our HeartWise Relationship Academy faculty, team, and community, as well as your network of those who care about you.

After all, “I have to do it myself, AND I can’t do it alone!”

Feedback and questions are welcome at [email protected].


Ruth Sharon, MS, is devoted to removing the obstacles so our path of living intentional, purposeful, healthy and peaceful lives is clearing and opening. Ruth is a highly experienced licensed professional counselor, wellness coach, relationship coach, seminar and retreat leader, communication expert, and  yoga, meditation and healing teacher. She and her husband Dr. Jim Sharon are co-founders of the HeartWise Relationship Academy and authors of six books. They reside in Colorado in their family home since 1985, having raised three amazing children. As grandparents, they delight in their three granddaughters (so far).

Ruth has a message for our times:  empower yourself to move past your conditioning into being true to who you are. In a love partnership, you can heal old patterns and free yourself. We contribute to each other living our true purposes for the Highest Good. Keep evolving!

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