what people are saying about HeartWise

“Heartwise provides an honest look at the difference between a fantasy relationship and a truly conscious partnership."

- Jocelyn & Aaron Freeman, founders of Empowered Couples University and authors of The New Power Couple

“HeartWise offers touching, remarkably relatable and insightful programs by master therapists, coaches, and educators.” 

- Pamela Sachs, author of Wings of Love

“High praise for the wise, practical, and inspiring information in these courses, which will open doorways to new attitudes, happiness, excitement and overall health in your relationships.”

- Devi Tide, Head and Vice President of the Sufi Healing Order and author of Secrets of the Heart

“This potent compilation of experts’ teachings provides valuable guidance for anyone seeking to expand their hearts and relationship quotient.” 

- Joyce Graham, relationship therapist and author of Living Your Joy

“An easy to understand, relevant, and insightful collective of knowledge about what matters most in life—relationships.” 

- Ashley and Marcus Kusi, authors of Communication in Marriage

"A true gift...deep wisdom and loving guidance...A beautiful guide for anyone desiring to create and sustain a profoundly connected and truly fulfilling relationship."

- Mali Apple and Joe Dunn, authors: The Soulmate Experience

"It is not good for humans to be alone" (Genesis 2:18). But it is a lot worse to be trapped in a lifeless union. This is a practical and heartfelt set of programs for creating the relationship you want."

 - Rabbi Rami Shapiro, author: Embracing the Divine Feminine: Finding G-d through the Ecstasy of Physical Love"

“Working with Jim and Ruth was an enriching and fun experience that has made a huge difference in our marriage. We have come to realize what is truly important in marriage and now have deep discussions that have revitalized our partnership.

- C.R., Marketing Specialist

“Jim and Ruth are great Heartwise facilitators who are skilled at bringing out couples’ needs and desires. As a direct result of my coaching participation, my marriage has greatly improved, my house is clean and organized, and I sleep better.

- L.S., Dietitian


A message from Ruth & Jim

We’ve devoted our entire careers as change agents and influencers to promote attitudes and skills for self-care, healthy lifestyles and fulfilling love relationships (couple-care). Married since 1970, we have professionally counseled, coached, and offered seminars and retreats to thousands of couples.

HeartWise, as our sixth published book, responds to your desires to move from pain to satisfaction. Learning and growing as a couple is a true blessing.

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