HeartWise Relationship Series

Are you finding yourself stuck in dissatisfying personal and relationship patterns? Join the HeartWise Community to gain fresh perspectives and learn helpful skills and tools.

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Welcome to HeartWise Relationship Webinars
Tools for Thriving Together.

Together we create a HeartWise wisdom pool.

Now, you can get the full series and explore these timely and highly relevant topics at your own pace, on your own schedule, from the comfort and convenience of your own home. These thought-provoking, interactive sessions are perfect for date night!

The original cost for this full series, including Spring and Fall seasons, was $200.
You can purchase the complete set of 13 for just $49.

Guest presenters cover a variety of relationship topics during the hour-long webinars.

All webinars were recorded live in Zoom with active participants. Watch at your leisure.

What's inside this webinar series

Intro to HeartWise:
Jim and Ruth Sharon
Learn about the next evolving stage in human development, which we call HeartWise. Experience dynamic growth in emotional intelligence, emotional intimacy, and communication skills. Discover the HeartWise qualities you can begin practicing now.

How to Love and Be Loved
Avital Miller
Decrease the time it takes to connect deeply with yourself and others, and increase the harmony, fun, and exchange of love.

From Conflict to Connection
Linda Bloom
Discover common causes of interpersonal differences that result in relationship breakdowns. Practice effective strategies in preventing and repairing them when they occur.

HeartWise Family
Kelly Gonynor and Emily Hodges
Learn skills and tools to create a home environment that fosters emotional intelligence, support and honest communication. Learn to collaborate with each other and grow as a family.

The Relationship Repair Do-Over Toolbox
Celeste Labadie
Would you like to stop an argument before it gets bigger? Are you curious about simple and effective “Do-Over” strategies that you can actually remember? We will practice relationship repair options that you can immediately implement so you can avoid inflaming conflict and instead, optimize peaceful relating within your relationship.

Vision of HeartWise
Jim and Ruth Sharon
Join us for a dream building session. Awaken your potential for living true to your core purposes. Commit to being true to yourself and having a satisfying relationship.

What is the HeartWise Approach?
Jim & Ruth Sharon
As you grow and evolve, you move from codependency patterns to more life enhancing heartwise attitudes and behaviors that bring you closer and more trusting of your partner.

What To Do when You Can't Change Your Partner
Laurie Weiss
Do you wish your partner would change something you once found attractive or endearing? When you’re frustrated because they just won’t change a behavior that annoys you, you still have options.

Learn why this problem is so common. Practice a simple way of shifting your own energy so you can have the important conversations that lead to a stronger and more loving relationship.

Codependent LISTENing
Cheryl Fidelman
Codependence is one of the most obvious ways that we demonstrate our unhealed trauma in our relationships. Perhaps ALL of our unhealed trauma can be found in the filters through which we LISTEN. Perhaps ALL of our relationships are created in the filters through which we LISTEN to them - including and most importantly - our relationship with ourselves.

Re-imagining Resilience in Your Relationships
Amy Elizabeth Gordon
In this 45-minute class, we dive into the First Realm of Extraordinary Living: The Realm of Resilience. You will learn 4 distinctions, 5 practices, and 6 sentences to transform your relationship with the story of your life and re-imagine your resilience.

We are co-creators. We mirror each other into being. With attunement and open and tender hearts, we cultivate resiliency and a foundation for intentional living and conscious relationships. In this workshop, I will bring space for you to tap into your inner wisdom and offer gentle nudges.

Authentic Intimacy and Relating
Erin Berry and Chris Mueller
Have you ever desired more intimacy in your relationship? To be seen and heard on all levels? To feel completely safe and held to invite ALL of you into your relationship and into the bedroom, But you aren’t sure where to start?

Intimacy goes far beyond intercourse, and it begins with creating a safe space to be completely you and to explore. Bring your partner, an open mind and heart and leave feeling more connected.

Want to Try Intentional Dating?
Abby Rosenblum
Being single can be tough! I'm not going to sugar coat it. What if dating could be a little more fun, interesting, and positive? During this gathering, you'll learn more about how changing your mindset can change everything when it comes to dating. As a matchmaker, singles come to me when they don't know what else to do. I see singles go through this transformation, and things become so much more enjoyable for them, and connecting is so much easier. Join us online to learn more about dating with intention and authenticity.

9 Keys to Relationship Mastery: The Embodied Enneagram
Andrea Isaacs
This is an engaging, experiential program that will give you easy-to-use tools for bringing your best and highest self to your relationships.

You will learn an embodiment practice that will —

  • increase your confidence in standing up for yourself;
  • create calm inner peace, even when disagreeing;
  • teach you how to embody the truth that YOU matter, your feelings matter, your opinions matter;
  • support you in asking for and receiving support;
  • give you tools for bringing up potentially difficult conversations in a healthy, effective way with an outcome that makes your heart sing.

Based on the Enneagram personality system, you will strengthen your emotional capacity in 18 areas of human emotion. This unique program blends embodiment work, the Enneagram and emotional intelligence, and is backed up by neuroscience. Replace old self-limiting patterns withnew empowering ways of being.

After this program, you will have more compassion for yourself and others. You will know how to literally re-wire your brain for more flexibility and ability to overcome challenges. With these nine keys, you will have a new ease in developing nurturing, meaningful and joyful relationships.





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