CHOICE for freedom and impact

The Emotional Mastery Foundation for your Life's Journey

with Andrea Isaacs


Emotional change can be easy! This course brings together the Ennegram personality system with embodiment and neuroscience in an easy-to-use method that increases your emotional intelligence. Learn how to speak up on your behalf, how to receive, and how to open your heart to love and joy. 


Andrea Isaacs, CEO of The Isaacs Method for Emotional Mastery, has helped thousands of people in 28 countries and has been a keynote speaker all over the world. She is speaker, trainer and master of change. Her approach creates deep compassion for yourself and others. She guides people in shifting old limiting patterns, so hurt, anger and other difficult conversations can be initiated, discussed and resolved. She was a faculty member for the Enneagram Institute for 21 years, for the Humanity’s Team Leadership Program, the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology and has her own training programs on embodiment and emotional intelligence. Her neuroscience research collaboration validated that her work brings wholeness and inner peace to the brain.