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Contributing Authors

Chapter 1

Safety First - The secret to Successful Relationships

by Rabbi Shlomo Slatkin

How can you cultivate feelings of safety within your relationship that grow stronger over time?

Chapter 2

Managing Stress Together

by Greg and Priscilla Hunt

How can you work with your partner to deal with everyday stresses in healthy ways?

Chapter 3

Training the Brain to Swim Forward

by Linda Miles

What tools can you use to shift your focus to the present, instead of reacting to past hurts?

Chapter 4

When the Honeymoon is Over

by Laurie Weiss, MCC

What stages of relationship development follow the initial honeymoon phase? 


Chapter 5

Conscious Partnership

by Alexandra Stockwell

How can you create a conscious partnership that supports each partner’s ongoing growth? 

Chapter 6

Relationship Building Blocks and Practices

by Charlie and Linda Bloom

What are the qualities that support nourishing, durable relationships, and what are some simple practices for developing these qualities?

Chapter 7

Own Your Part

by Kathy Jacobson

How can you use mindful self-awareness to defuse conflict?

Chapter 8

You+Me=Us—Cultivating Us Space

By Ruth Sharon

How can you make space in your relationship for each partner to bring their whole self – and experience a love that’s even greater than the sum of its parts?

Chapter 9

Creating Your Couple Bubble

by Celeste Labadie

How can nurturing a “couple bubble” help you and your beloved form a powerful partnership that’s capable of handling anything life sends your way?

Chapter 10

Team Love—Love Unites & Fear Divides

by Laura Brodie

How can becoming more conscious of your individual fears help you to grow closer?

Chapter 11

Relationships & Finances

by John Wittry

How can you successfully navigate financial matters as a couple?

Chapter 12

The Soma of Coupledom

by Vanessa Tate

How can body-centered practices help you experience deeper emotional intimacy? 

Chapter 13

Unstoppable Passion

by Lori Ann Davis

What are the essential ingredients of a passionate physical relationship?

Chapter 14

Creating Satisfying Sexual Relationship

by Ethan Schwab

What does healthy sexuality look like for you, and how can you foster a satisfying sexual connection with your partner?

Chapter 15

Conscious Parenting

by Lori Petro

How can the HeartWise approach be applied to parenting?

Chapter 16

Couples’ Spiritual Development

by Jim Sharon

How can connecting with your partner on a spiritual level support and enrich your relationship?