Couples Spiritual Development

with Jim Sharon


If you and your partner are seeking to develop your spirituality, both individually and together, you will certainly benefit from the broad view and practical, earthy tools presented in this four-module course. 

Research has shown that couples who share a rich spiritual life tend to flourish in their relationship. Some of the favorable results that the various studies reveal are: 

  • Greater appreciation, in general, and for each other
  • Increased collaboration 
  • More resilience amidst difficult circumstances
  • Enhanced ability to constructively resolve conflicts
  • Life balance
  • High degree of overall relationship satisfaction

Through participation in this program you will:

  • Learn how religion and spirituality are similar and different.
  • Gain an understanding of key elements and principles of spirituality.
  • Discover numerous approaches to regularly practicing spirituality.
  • Engage in a wide variety of spiritual exercises together.
  • Acquire solutions to major challenges that spiritual involvement presents.
  • Discern specific characteristics of different levels of spiritual maturity.

Dr. Jim Sharon, a licensed psychologist, certified life coach, and relationship coach, has served thousands of individuals and couples since 1976. He is the co-founder of HeartWise Relationship Academy and co-editor of HeartWise: Deepening and Evolving Love Relationships, his third published book. In addition to his life-long religious practices, Jim has had decades of formal training in several mystical traditions. Since 1970, he has been married to Ruth Sharon, MS, with whom he has raised three adult children and has three granddaughters.